The Emilia-Romagna Culture and Creativity Observatory was designed as an accessible tool for a diverse audience, whether it be specialized in this sector or just curious. The website intends to be a practical instrument for those who already know this territory and its dynamics as well as those willing to learn more about it. A narrative approach was adopted so as to describe this ecosystem in its entirety.

Seven different points of view were chosen to illustrate this sector, its complexities and nuances:

  • places preserve and promote the regional culture heritage, some of them reflect the long-standing tradition of this area while others are proof of the constant evolution of artistic expressions;
  • offer shows the unrest and never-ending transformations of the cultural outputs proposed by organizations and professionals operating in this territory;
  • digitalization explores the impact of technology on new processes, services and products, it also gives an overview of the policies and investments realized to stimulate R&D;
  • funding analyses the economic sustainability of CCIs, the resources invested both by the public and private sector;
  • socio-economics describes this field through those criteria that are generally used to evaluate more traditional sectors;
  • internationalization monitors the propensity of regional CCIs towards foreign markets;
  • innovation is a broad and pivotal theme which is more and more relevant for the sustainable growth of this realm.

Storytelling and datavisualization characterize each of these pages. The former tells the strategies and evolution of the policies and trends of the cultural and creative sector, while the latter provides tangible and quantitative information.